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QSL: LoTW, eQSL or QSL Direct for Beautiful Tri-Fold Photo QSL Card

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Premium Subscriber Lookups: 163133

QSL Direct for a beautiful full-color tri-fold QSL card!  I enjoy receiving "Real" QSL cards!

Monitoring: 146.550 MHz FM

Twitter: @N6PEQ

Skype: dan-n6peq

YouTube: DanN6PEQ

Instagram: n6peq

DX Cluster Spots by N6PEQ

DX Cluster Spotting of N6PEQ

N6PEQ Log Search

* Currently only about 5% of my total contacts are available on ClubLog.  If your call does not appear in the ClubLog search, send me a QSL card via Mail, via the Buro or contact me via email.


DXCC Honor Roll.  Need 1 more DXCC country to have worked them all.  I personally worked them myself from my home station ("The House of DX").......no remote station operating, no IRLP, etc.  In other words......

No DXCC "assisted" here!  smiley


Featured on the cover of CQ magazine April 2011 & in the 2011/2012 CQ amateur radio calendar.


Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" in 2006


Celebrating my 43rd year of HF DXing

Amateur Radio and Shortwave Listening to me is "The Adventure of a Lifetime".....it brings all ends of the Earth to me.....and sometimes takes me to the ends of the Earth.  Thank you Coldplay for for making a song in the same name:

Music Video of The Adventure of a LIfetime by Coldplay


Current HF/VHF Propagation


I support the DX Code Of Conduct

First started as an SWL "KDX6T" in 1974 at age of 4, then became a ham in 1986. Inspired by my grandfather W6RII (SK), and my father N6EGC. Jim Rafferty N6RJ (SK) was my DXing and contesting elmer. I am forever grateful to these three individuals for teaching me the best of ham radio. Enjoy DXing and contesting from 1.8 MHz thru 50 MHz.

Past DXpeditions: A35DD, S79DD, S92DD, T20DD, T31DD, V47DD, V63CG, ZF2RE, ZK1PEQ, 1S1DD, 3D2CQ, 5W0DD, 8P9EG, FM/N6PEQ, H44/N6PEQ, J37/N6PEQ, NH6/N6PEQ, PJ2/N6PEQ, PJ4/N6PEQ, P40/N6PEQ, KP2/N6PEQ, KP4/N6PEQ, XE2/N6PEQ & CO2/N6PEQ.

Original Novice callsign: KB6MZM.

ARRL Awards: DXCC Honor Roll, 8BDXCC, DXCC CW, DXCC SSB, DXCC Digital, DXCC Mixed, DXCC Challenge, Diamond DXCC Challenge, VUCC-50 MHz, WAS Mixed, WAS CW, WAS SSB, WAS 10 Meters, WAS 15 Meters, WAS 20 Meters

CQ Awards: 5BWAZ, WPX SSB Honor Roll, WPX CW Honor Roll, WPX Mixed Honor Roll, WAZ CW/SSB, WAZ CW, WAZ SSB, WPX Mixed, WPX CW, WPX SSB, WPX Digital

IARU/Misc. Awards: 8BWAC, WAC CW, WAC Phone, WAC Digital, WAC Mixed, 10-10 WAC.

SWL Awards (KDX6T): Achieved #3 All-Time WDX/WPE DX Honor Roll, WDX/WPE 290 Countries, WDX/WPE 40 Zones, WDX/WPE 50 States, WDX/WPE 12 Canadian Zones, NASWA DX Centurion, NASWA Antarctica DX'er, NASWA European Senior DX'er, NASWA Ecclesiastic DX'er, NASWA All America DX'er, NASWA All Voice of America DX'er, NASWA All Continent QRP DX'er, NASWA World-Wide DX'er.

Member: ARRL A-1 Operator Club & ARRL Diamond Club

Charter Member of the Pina Colada Contest Club (KP2AA).. Previous PCCC Field Day operations: 2002: Puerto Rico as NP4A 2003: Cuba as CO0US/T42FD 2004 & 2005: St.Croix as KP2AA

Charter Member of the Yamon DX Federation (W6YDX)

Member: Orange County Amateur Radio Club (W6ZE), Southern California DX Club (W6AM), BARTG #9226Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), QRP ARCI, San Bernardino Microwave Society, North American Shortwave Association, National Radio Club, International Radio Club of America, Western States Weak Signal Society, Longwave Club of America, Worldwide TV-FM DX Association, FISTS (#17516), Oceania DX Group, Puna DX Club, Andes DXers International, ROWH, & The Northern California DX Foundation.

Life Member: Orange County DX (N6RJ), Indexa, ARRL, 10-10 International (#65821), Central States VHF Society, QCWA, OMIK

All mode capabilities include:

HF Station "A": IC-7850 + SM-230 + Alpha 87A Amplifier + Alpha 77SX Amplifier + Alpha 4510 Wattmeter + HA8DU DU3500AL Antenna Tuner

HF Station "B": IC-7800 + SM-230 + Alpha 87A Amplifier + Alpha 77SX Amplifier + Alpha 4520 Wattmeter + Palstar AT10K Antenna Tuner

HF Station "C": IC-9100

Patio Station: FT-817 & IC-7000

Receiving Stations: IC-R9500 & IC-R71A


HF Antenna System:

10 meters = 7 element wide-spaced mono-band yagi

12 meters = 2 element mono-band yagi

15 meters = 4 element wide-spaced mono-band yagi

17 meters = 2 element mono-band yagi

20 meters = 3 element wide-spaced mono-band yagi

30 meters = 2 element mono-band yagi

40 meters = 2 element wide-spaced mono-band yagi

60 meters = Sloper

80 meters = Rotatable dipole

160 meters = Sloper

Stationary Dipole for 10/15/20 Meters

Receiving Loop for 80/160 meters

Vertical: Comet CHA-250B

Rotor: Yaesu G-2800DXA


VHF Equipment/Antennas:

50 MHz: IC-7850 + Alpha 6 amplifier (8 Element LFA Yagi 42' boom, Vertical & HO-Loop).

144 MHz: IC-9100 (Vertical & HO-Loop stack).

222 MHz: IC-375A (HO-Loop stack).

432 MHz: IC-9100 (Vertical & 4 HO-Loop stack).

1296 MHz: IC-9100 (35 element yagi & Vertical).


Misc Equipment:

Interfacing: 4O3A SSC XL's & Winkeyer

Dummy Load: Alpha 2100

Preamplifiers: Mini Circuits, Advanced Receiver Research & Mirage

Bandpass Filtering: 4O3A & Industrial Communication Engineers

Remote Antenna Switching: 4O3A & Industrial Communication Engineers

Keys: GHD GN407A+ single-paddle, Bencher Mercury dual-paddle, Schurr Profi 2 dual-paddle, Bencher BY-4 dual-paddle, Bencher BY-2 dual-paddle, Schurr Mini straight-key & GHD GF601MP Cootie/Sideswiper Key.

Microphones: Heil Goldlines & Heil PR-780

Headsets: Heil Proset 7's, Heil Proset Plus's & Radiosport RS60CF's

Antenna Tuner: Palstar AT5Kplus


SWL Accessories:

RTTY/Digital demodulator: Universal M-8000

MW Loop antenna: Kiwa

VLF/MW Loop antenna: Wellbrook Engineering LFL1010

RF Systems DX-One Professional MK-2 Active Antenna (ELF/LW/MW/SW)



MAC Pro & Mac Mini



RUMlog, SkookumLogger & RUMped

The following are photos that are current, as well as from the past many years.  I hope that you enjoy them......  Thank you to InnovAntennas for using my tower/antennas in their advertisement.

Read a little about the 4O3A bandpass filter/switching system project at N6PEQ on: http://www.force12inc.com/pages/blog.html/tag/N6PEQ


Current N6PEQ QSL Card


Force 12/InnovAntennas ad featuring the N6PEQ antenna system (2014-2016)


N6PEQ Tower (2010)


N6PEQ Station #1 in (2010)


N6PEQ Central-Point RF Ground System (2010)


N6PEQ 4O3A Bandpass Filter & Antenna Switching System Project (2014)


N6PEQ HF Antennas (2014)


N6PEQ HF Antennas (2014)


LW/MW Loop Receive Antenna


N6PEQ Name Badge in the Spratly Islands during the 9M0S DXpedition in May 1993 (Photo courtesy of OH2BH)


N6PEQ, OH2BH & N6DEC (SK) in 1993 aboard the Yaesu DX-Caribe Cruise.....somewhere in the Caribbean Sea.


N6PEQ Operating CO0US in Cuba (2003 ARRL Field Day).....The best Field Day ever!


N6PEQ Operating KP2AA on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (2004 ARRL Field Day)...Life is good!


N6PEQ QSL Cards from the 1980's & 1990's


SWL KDX6T QSL Cards from the 1980's (Remember the 3D QSL Card Company?...They had cool cards that actually had the raised printing baked onto the card stock!)


SWL KDX6T QSL Cards from the 1980's (All you older hams that were once Novices, must remember "The Little Print Shop".  They sent out QSL card samples to all the new hams.)


Icom IC-R9500 Receiver (2014)


N6PEQ working the Icom HF booth at the Dayton Hamvention (2007)


N6PEQ Tower (2007)


Dittos in his favorite operating position with the Alpha 77sx Amplifier in 2004...Yeah, Dittos knew his amps and how to use them!


Icom IC-375A All-Mode 222 MHz Transceiver (2014)


Icom IC-9100 & IC-375A at the VHF/UHF Station (2015)


Alpha 77sx Amplifer (2014)


Entry Tile to N6PEQ Shack (2013)


Entry to N6PEQ Shack (2014)


N6PEQ (2014)


N6PEQ/Mobile (CW & SSB) with the IC-7000 in the 2003 Saleen Super-Charged Mustang (2006)... the engine in that Mustang was definitely QRO!!!!


N6PEQ/Mobile in Palm Desert, California (2008)


N6PEQ (2007)


N6PEQ/Mobile (CW & SSB) in 2003 Saleen Super-Charged Mustang (2006)


IARU Radiosport Contest at N6PEQ in 2004...Placed #7 Overall Multi-Op Category (KR6J, WK6O, KD7BIW & N6PEQ ops)


N6PEQ as ZF2RE in 1991 DXpedition to the Cayman Islands.....Love that laptop.....If you ever want to hear a great story, ask me about the laptop on that DXpedition!


N6PEQ as ZK1PEQ in 1996 DXpedition to the South Cook Islands


Photo from May 1982 QST magazine of N6PEQ (Prior to being licensed) along with my father N6EGC and my grandfather W6RII (SK) in 1981 November Sweepstakes


2004 IARU Radiosport Contest at N6PEQ....Placed #7 Overall Multi-Op Category (KR6J, WK6O, KD7BIW & N6PEQ ops)


N6PEQ as ZF2RE...operating from the station of ZF1MA in the Cayman Islands in 1991.



Bob Heil K9EID visting the N6PEQ Shack (2004)


2007 IARU Radiosport Contest at N6PEQ...Placed #10 Overall Multi-Op Category (KR6J, WK6O & N6PEQ ops)


2007 IARU Radiosport Contest at N6PEQ....Placed #10 Overall Multi-Op Category (KR6J, WK6O & N6PEQ ops)


N6PEQ Central-Point RF Ground System (2010)


N6PEQ (2006)


N6PEQ & KB7UB (SK) at the Visalia International DX Convention (2007).....Miss my buddy!


W3ZZ (SK) visiting N6PEQ (2006)


N6PEQ (2015)


N6PEQ (Prior to being licensed) as SWL KDX6T in 1980....I didn't sleep much as a kid.....always on the SW bands thru the nite.



My grandfather's station (W6RII - now SK) in 1974, where I was first introduced to ham radio.  I can still remember talking on that Drake TR3.  I have the Hallicrafter's SX-96 in good working order that is also shown in the picture.  Nothing like listening to the shortwave bands on a tube rig.


DU3500AL HF Automatic Antenna Tuner (2015)


Icom IC-7850 HF Transceiver (2015)


GHD Key (2015)


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QRZ Logbook Summary for - N6PEQ
Latest Contacts for N6PEQ at QRZ.com
dedateband mode grid Country op
PY0F 2016-10-21 40m SSB Fernando de Noronha
BX4AG 2016-10-21 17m CW PL04IC Taiwan Calvin
J6/WB2YQH 2016-10-21 40m CW St Lucia
H44GC 2016-10-20 15m SSB QI90xn Solomon Islands DXpedition 2016
HL5ZEE 2016-10-20 17m SSB PM45hu South Korea Mark
HH2OY 2016-10-20 20m SSB Haiti
9G5AM 2016-10-20 30m CW JJ00aa Ghana Rado Skrajnar
TL0A 2016-10-20 30m CW JJ95ds Central African Repu Christian Saint-Arroman
TL0A 2016-10-20 20m CW JJ95ds Central African Repu Christian Saint-Arroman
EA8TL 2016-10-18 20m CW IL18NF Canary Islands JORGE
HI7MC 2016-10-18 10m SSB FK58LK Dominican Republic Miguel Caro de León
KG4LA 2016-10-18 17m CW FK29KW19 Guantanamo Bay Jeffrey Swain
V31MA 2016-10-18 20m RTTY EK58UL Belize MARC
S9YY 2016-10-18 80m CW JJ30ij Sao Tome & Principe DXpedition of DL1RPL, DL3RKS, DL1AWD, DL1AOB, DG5AA, DL6KVA, DJ5
KG4LA 2016-10-17 40m CW FK29KW19 Guantanamo Bay Jeffrey Swain

Book Totals: 21837 qso's   937 confirmed Get a free logbook at QRZ.COM

United States Counties Award#3408
Granted: 2016-07-26 01:50:02   (N6PEQ)

  • 100 Counties Mixed
  • 100 Counties Phone
Grid Squared Award#11156
Granted: 2016-04-03 17:30:05   (N6PEQ)

  • 10 Meters Mixed
  • 15 Meters Mixed
  • 20 Meters Mixed
  • 10 Meters Phone
  • 15 Meters Phone
  • Mixed Phone
  • Mixed CW
DX World Award#3528
Granted: 2016-04-03 17:30:03   (N6PEQ)

World Continents Award#12479
Granted: 2016-04-03 17:30:03   (N6PEQ)

  • 5 Band CW
  • 10 Meters CW
    12 Meters CW
    15 Meters CW
    17 Meters CW
    30 Meters CW
  • 5 Band Mixed
  • 10 Meters Mixed
    12 Meters Mixed
    15 Meters Mixed
    17 Meters Mixed
    20 Meters Mixed
    30 Meters Mixed
    40 Meters Mixed
  • 10 Meters Phone
  • 12 Meters Phone
  • 15 Meters Phone
  • 20 Meters Phone
  • 15 Meters Digital
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