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More info below...


OhraRadio BeneLUX-pläjäys tulossa 25.12.-31.12.2017 !!
OhraRadio BeneLUX spectacle coming up 25th Dec - 31st Dec 2017 !!
(with HB9/OH1RA & F/OH1RA/M & LX/OH1RA)

(requires browser refresh to update because qrz.com doesn't allow Java)

Introducing my car remote:

Setup: Mini PC + Kenwood TS-2000X + RM Italy HLA 300V (300W) + MFJ-993 automatic tuner + HF 80m/Skywire Loop (multiband) + VHF/UHF Diamond X510 2m/70cm vertical. PC-software remote with 4G mobile internet, WLAN socket to reset the linear and 3G-socket to reset the whole station... the WYFRS also includes a heater for arctic winter conditions)


I can now enjoy the city-life and quiet radio reception from my countryside remote. 
As you can see the whole wonderful installation is in the back of my yellow Ferrari. My new philosophy for ham radio: "All you need is a parking place and a couple of trees..."

I only have one HF-antenna now - the 80 meter "Skywire Loop". 84 meters of wire in a horizontal loop, 15 meters high - fed with a 1:4 balun. I can work all bands 80-10m without an antenna tuner with a reasonable SWR below 2:1. On 80m my loop is great for contacts to Finland (high radiation angle) on the higher frequencies it gives ok low radiation angles for long distance - with deep nulls and sharp gain areas.

High-tech block diagram of the OH2LZC Wonderful Yellow Ferrari Remote System (WYFRS):


The OhraRadio XmasShow Deluxe 2016 live stream was rolling for 50 hours non-stop on Youtube, after starting on 24th Dec 2016. The Skype MultiVideoChat was an interesting experiment with the shared OhraRadio remote radio.

24h live videoshow Saturday 25 June 2016 1200 UTC - Sunday 2 July 0100 UTC
+ 4 day EXTRA SHOW from SRAL (Finnish Radio Amateur League) 2016 summer camp






Our multicamera 2 x live stream will follow the action everywhere. On the road, in the bar, in the ship, in the hamshack, in the sauna.

Enjoy beautiful finnish nature with good company. An endless supply of delicious finnish beer will take you for an
unforgettable adventure - where anything, or nothing will happen! Radio crazyness with sunlight 24 hours/day!
Featuring OH2LZC & HB9EDY - the legendary dynamic duo.


Saturday 25-06-2016 Meetup Helsinki Airport, driving to Sipoo (nr. Helsinki)  = beer+sauna+radio @ OH2LZC
Sunday 26-06-2016 Day cruise to Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki, getting the cheap beer, late night radio time @ Sipoo OH2LZC
Monday 27-06-2016 Driving to Jyväskylä, Central Finland. Summer car inspection ---> beer+ sauna+lake+radio @ OH6EDY
Tuesday 28-06-2016 Rancho Relaxo in summer cottage / Jyväskylä @ OH6EDY = beer+sauna+radio
Wednesday 29-06-2016 Rancho Relaxo in summer cottage / Jyväskylä @ OH6EDY = beer+sauna+radio
Thursday 30-06-2016 Driving to Sipoo (nr. Helsinki) @ OH2LZC = beer+sauna+radio OPEN DOORS FOR VISITORS!
Friday 01-07-2016 Rancho Relaxo in Sipoo (nr. Helsinki) @ OH2LZC = beer+sauna+radio OPEN DOORS FOR VISITORS!
Saturday 02-07-2016 Rancho Recovery in Sipoo (nr. Helsinki) @ OH2LZC = carefully trying solid food & mineral water

Join our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/ohraradio for questions or comments!
We will keep you updated with the latest developments! You can also send us email to ohraradio@gmail.com.

HUOM! Avoimet ovet to 30.6.- la 2.7.2016 Sipoossa, laita sähköpostia ohraradio@gmail.com tai ohraradio facebook-sivulle jos olet kiinnostunut kusoilusta, saunomisesta, grillaamisesta ja ennen kaikkea OHRAPIRTELÖN JUONNISTA! Yöpymismahdollisuus on!


"THE XMAS-NEW YEAR 10 DAY BITBURGER MARATHON" in Switzerland & Liechtenstein was a success!

Between 21 - 31 December 2015 there were at the best  42 viewers at one time, with 407 unique viewers during the best day!"
The Adventure in the Alps" was a success! Many qsos, many Bitburgers, many viewers, active chat. Now is the time to drink mineral water, eat fruits and do mental yoga.

You can still use the chat and watch a recording of an excellent beer delivery process in Aarau, Switzerland.

You can find a few low quality OhraRadio videos recorded live on my Youtube channel




(LOTW good for DXCC etc)


The HB0 & HB9 logs are now on LOTW, EQSL & Clublog for confirmation !!!
Previous dx-peditions are now also finally on the internet....


HB9/OH2LZC/P 3000 meters above sea level at Mount Titlis, Switzerland.




In Liechtenstein we stayed at a family run hotel deep in the alps, Gasthouse Sucka. The altitude was 1400m asl. Great hospitability,
super food, good nerves and flexibility for the strange hobby. The cheese covered Röst-potato roast with bacon was a killer!


We got permission to use two flagpoles in front of the hotel for antenna support. We had a diplomat-class trap dipole, between
the flag of the European Union and the flag of Liechtenstein. Suprisingly good results from the antenna setup!

The station at HB0: Icom 7000 + RM Italy HLA 300V (300W) + 19m long Diamond W8010 trap dipole (10-15-20-40-80m) + MFJ tuner + KPS-450A 50 amp power supply. We used 250w power because we needed 8 amps for the 12V beer cooler :)
The operation required about 36 litres of BitBurger + wine and drinks at the hotel restaurant.


I recommend electronic qsl'ing for everyone. LOTW (Logbook of the World) is free, quick and easy. Less manual work, more time for productive work. If you are a DXCC hunter, go through the trouble of starting up Logbook of the World (LOTW). 339/340 DXCC countries have been active on Logbook of the World, only Monk Apollo from Mt. Athos is missing :)

LIVE QSO LOG BY CLUBLOG - last 50 contacts
(requires browser refresh to update)


I am Niko from Finland. I was born in 1976. My profession is in sales and marketing.

I listened to BBC and other broadcast stations as a child from time to time on a "world radio" and discovered the amateur bands. That is how I drifted into this rare hobby. I have been a radio amateur since 1992 (at age 16). My main interests have always been HF and DX. I have worked about 300 countries. I was very active in 1992-1999 and went off the air in 1999 with other interests. In 2006 I was bitten by the "ham bug" again and have been an active radio amateur since.

My other interests are travelling, languages, healthy eating, jogging, going to the gym and enjoying a few beers from time to time. I am not the typical technical amateur, I am more interested in the "human" side of the hobby - communicating with rewarding challenge!

I have recorded a few videos of my portable and mobile fun with my mobile phone:





*** UPDATE 11.6.2015 ***

I configured my Logger32 to be the ultimate dx weapon! I now receive live filtered dx spots (filtered against my log) with a sound alarm! When I hear my own voice from the ham shack shouting "New Band Country!" I know it's time to dash to the hamshack or open up my remote and break the pileup! My filtering: only countries not worked / new country on new band.
I also get "called" to my station if there is an unconfirmed country on the air. At the moment I collect my DXCC via LOTW.

Here is a screenshot of my remote mini-laptop 13" screen. Took a long time to configure the logging program. 
I can access and operate my station from everywhere, and keep climbing higher with my country scores.
Left window: Kenwood ARCP-2000 remote control software (free)
Right window: Logger32 DX logging software (free)


*** UPDATE 17.3.2015 ***

My triband yagi restoration project has reached a partial goal. The A3S is at shoulder height (1,5 meters) from the roof. I have to install guy wires and an electric compass so the telescopic tubes are not extended yet. The yagi gives suprising results from such a low height. I am getting 1-3 s points better reports with my low yagi, in comparison to my high OCF-dipole. 

*** UPDATE 9.2.2015 ***

I rented a small yellow wooden house and moved to a place called Sipoo. In the countryside, not far from Helsinki. A lot of birds in the summertime, farmland and nice scenery around. The wood heated sauna cottage is a perfect place to clear your thoughts and remove any city stress. There is room for antennas, tall trees for wire antenna support and neighbours are far away. Good radio location on a hilltop, low radio noise. I am mostly on the air from my home station and plan to test many antennas to take full benefit of the nice location.

For VHF/UHF I have a 5 meter long vertical, Diamond X-510. The station is on top of a small hill, I can open repeaters 100 km from here... At the moment my shortwave antennas are basic wire antennas: a fullwave horizontal 80 meter loop + OCF-dipole, both 20 meters high. There are many tall trees, I use my slingshot with some fishing line to raise up the antennas. At the moment I am restoring an old triband yagi - looking forward to putting that up.

 I have a heavy duty linear amplifier with two new 3-500Z tubes ordered from RF-Parts. Chinese made, working 100%.  The power supply of the linear is from an x-ray machine. This box can put out 1,5 kW if necessary but I mostly run around 1 kW. As you can see it is home-made - but not by me. I did improve the ventilation with two extra fans as the tubes were running quite hot. Now there is a mini tornado blowing through the amplifier chassis and all is good.

*** UPDATE 23.7.2013 ***

Portable radio trip to Åland Islands, OH0/OH2LZC. Mini DX-pedition, lasting for a few days.

Tent, camping bed, 250 Ah of battery power, solar panel, gas cooker, 12v cooler. Antenna G5RV with 10m portable fiberglass mast, telescopic whips on car roof, 300W power. So far the trip has gone well - I am on a small island called Kökar in the Åland Islands. I drove all around the island looking for the perfect portable location. Maybe I found it? Seaside location, great view. Only me, so very quiet and relaxing,. Weather is warm, a little bit windy. I really enjoyed my time on the island.

Renault Kangoo is the "base station". G5RV and telescopic whips on magnetic mount. The 5 star "hotel" is on the right.


Mexican risotto with portable gas cooker. Tuna in oil, one onion chopped.



Sunset view.


I installed my portable mini-yagi + portable mast on the beach. It gave +3 s-points in comparison to the g5rv.


I stayed up and listened to the radio waves till morning. The early sea fog made the scenery magic-like.


*** UPDATE 12.2.2013 ***

My Fiat Ducato camper has a new home, as I sold it. Somebody now has a never ending garage project... My wheels are now Renault Kangoo (like a Ferrari). This car has a great storage shelf/hat rack above the windshield. Perfect for ham gear. Great acoustics too with a high roof, no need for extra speakers. I have replaced a lot of parts at cheap garages - old cars are expensive to fix but give cheap miles.

I am cheating on Yaesu - I have suddenly become a Kenwood amateur. I have added two second-hand transceivers to my arsenal:

Kenwood TM-D700 (aprs) 2m/70cm mobile transceiver. Great transceiver, although gps takes some time to hook up. There is now a lot of aprs-dots on the map from me. Check me out as OH2LZC-9.

Kenwood TS-2000X 160m/80m/40m/30m/20m/17m/15m/12m/10m/6m/2m/70cm/23cm base transceiver. It has been around for 10 years and still not getting competition in the all-in-one-miracle-class. The receiver on my rig is ok, and sensitivity is all right, a lot of discussion online about failing filters. I have measured the sensitivity at the local club and compared to FT-857 and FT-1000D. This Kenwood is replacing my FT-857D. The Yaesu is going back to the mobile for HF use. I am getting a lot of new features to my base/remote station from this workhorse. I don't have the RM Italy linear in line at the moment - just barefoot 100W on HF.

Improvements TS-2000X ---> FT-857D:

2m power 50W--->100W ( I now have 2 more repeaters to use that are long distance - Hämeelinna and Tallinn, Estonia about 100 km from me)

Automatic tuner & 2 HF plugs (I can tune and change antennas remotely now)

CAT command for squelch & power on/off (could not do this with FT-857, so I don't have to have rig running all day, also not stuck with wrong SQL setting if local noise changes)

TX audio equalizer/wide 3 Khz ssb (the transmit audio sounds much much better, I have a karaoke pc-microphone that gives superb audio

2 receivers (I can listen to hf while scanning repeaters in the background, this is great but also necessary because I run my setup remote)

Ability to operate cw remotely, just with the cat cable.

Tuning the VFO on the Kenwood is also much better for the ears, FT-857 makes a short pause when changing vfo frequency. Frequency change is smooth and break-free on the TS-2000.



I really loved the FTBCat computer control program for the FT-857. This program is not for TS-2000, so looked into 3 different pc control programs.

Ham Radio Deluxe: This familiar classic has all the functions of the TS-2000. It was missing the TX-button, this had to be added!!! Doesn't show the sub-vfo frequency, so not usable.... ----> next.

ARCS II: Has more functions than Ham Radio Deluxe. This program starts slowly and freezes from time to time and PC has to be restarted. Has great functions, software based aprs (ts-2000 has packet) and a lot of memory functions. The internal memory "tool" is terrible! This whole layout is divided into several windows, this program is not suitable for smooth radio operation.

ARCP-2000: This is a program from Kenwood. Works the best, starts quickly and has same logic than radio. All the buttons are usable and accessable in a handy way. The turn rig on/off command works also only in this program. The vfo tuning does not have 500 Hz step, this is the disadvantage. I use a usb jog wheel, so I have a "close to real vfo experience". This was my choice.



*** UPDATE 26.9.2012 ***

I have been experimenting with remote controlling of my station. It is quite interesting to be able to access your station from anywhere! Like a lot of people - I had trouble with firewalls, router settings and configurations. Anything complicated with the "black screen" command input or tcp-ip protocol setups is a strong NO for me.

I decided to find out what would be the best and easiest setup with FREE software. I have been going through many programs - to control the radio - to remote control the computer connected to the radio - voip-programs (voice-over-ip) to transfer the mic+speaker audio - and using VPN (Virtual private network) programs to get past the firewalls. It took a while to find truly free, easy setup programs. Many programs were too complicated, some were missing important features, on some cases I had difficulties with my firewall settings, had trouble with mobile internet bandwidth or issues with audio quality. Some programs were plain too ugly to look at! ----> Here is what I found best for me:


RIG CONTROL: Ham Radio Deluxe and FTBCat (both free software) + CAT cable of course (rig is Yaesu FT-857D)

REMOTE PC CONTROL: TeamViewer (free software for control pc via internet from another computer - no firewall problems + I use the whole pc remotely, not just the rig control)

PTT CONTROL: Rigblaster (hardware, used to turn transmit on/off and and to transfer transmit audio from pc output to transceiver mic-line

AUDIO TRANSFER: IP-SOUND (free software, excellent audio, 100% like on radio)

VPN-PROGRAM: LogMeIn Hamachi (free software, I use this to make a software-based link for audio transfer. It gives a new IP that goes past all firewalls and ports etc... This was necessary for the IP-Sound program to start working.

Some surprises:

The so popular and wonderful Ham Radio Deluxe is very poor in memory management. You cannot save repeater shift frequencies! Also, the memory scan feature was very poor and limited. I use FTBCat for memory scan (with correct repeater settings) and for qsos. FTBCat is missing a few controls, so I use Ham Radio Deluxe for the "deep memories" of my FT-857D if I have to adjust mic gain, power or anything else...

Skype is easy to setup, but it has an in-built audio compessor. The receive audio sounds ok in the beginning. If there is no microphone output, Skype starts to limit the receive audio, and it becomes very difficult to understand. So it you are standby, you have to PTT constantly to get better receive audio. Not good! I also tested Google Tallk and a few other plug-it-in programs to call myself, the built-in compression wasn't working ok on any! You can choose the audio codec on IP-Sound and there is no in-built audio shapers so it gives usable audio. Also, very important - get a pc-headset. Laptop built-in microphones are terrible for ham radio audio!

Audio setups are with many buttons and settings in between... transceiver+remote pc+local pc - all with their own options...Takes a while to get all the levels setup correctly. Speech processor levels on the transceiver are to be used mildly, is my advice... I use the PC equalizer to enhance high frequencies for even more sharp audio!

I can also use my station 100% with my Android phone, there are many free remote control programs for Android-PC + Skype for audio.

----> Try out remote! It is a fun experiment with many options and possibilities! Find out what you like best and what works for you! It is a learning experience... Perhaps getting your receive audio to Skype on your mobile phone would be a first step!


*** UPDATE 8.7.2012 ***

Moved to the countryside, 40 km west from Helsinki. At the moment I have a 1/2 size G5RV wire antenna and a triband gp in the backyard. Mostly for listening but I am on the air from time to time. My station is very space effiicient - it is under the stairs leading to the second story of the house.

*** UPDATE 9.2.2012 ***

My 1989 rusty Fiat campervan (only 300.000 km on engine) is making a great effort in winter 2012. It has started almost every time with beautiful black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe... Even at temperatures below -20C !! That's something for the Italian Fiat engineers to be proud of!


*** UPDATE 1.10.2011 ***

I am enjoying good performance with my new Super Antenna YP-3 yagi.

The 3-element yagi antenna weighs only 4 kg and is QRV from 20m - 6m, one band at a time.

It packs down to a one meter long small bag - for me it is the perfect portable antenna!


*** UPDATE 30.6.2011 ***


I am active from Åland Islands for a few days, starting 30.6.2011. My portable station is in Brändö, EU-002.

Equipment: Diamond CP-6 multiband vertical 80m-6m, Yaesu FT897D 160m-70cm, RM-Italy HLA-300V 250W 12v linear.

5-star hotel: Fiat Ducato 1989, double bed/table, porta-potty, gas stove, solar shower - all inclusive ravioli, noodles and beer.


Åland Islands 1.7.2011: I am enjoying a nice pileup - practicing my listening skills and perfecting my tan at the same time.


Åland Islands 1.7.2011: I found a nice place to ham-camp. Very close to the sea. Perfect summer weather!


Sea water makes the S-meter move nicely, even with compromise portable equipment. Maybe the OH0-prefix gives +3 dB?


OH2LZC/M with CP6 Diamond multiband vertical 80m-6m


*** UPDATE 5.5.2011 ***

I have woken up from winter hibernation, I was off the air for 6 months - my Ducato didn't like the very cold and snow-piled winter at all. Battery problems, door lock problems etc... I have to get some repairs done to my Ducato... I already have a new start motor.

My DX-Ducato passed the annual inspection, but needed many many hours of welding and fixing with many new parts... Very expensive - even at a cheap garage. Now my base for amateur radio is OK! My plans are to test and compare different antennas from the campervan. I am going try out my CP6-multiband trap radial vertical (10-80m) and my 2-el hybrid quad for 10-15-20m - from my mobile.


The station in my Fiat Ducato camper van is ready!


My previous ham-mobile was a tiny Ford Ka. It gave me great service and was an excellent "antenna base on wheels" but was "slightly compact" for qso marathons...

My previous ham-mobile was a tiny Ford Ka. On the Pyynikki ridge hilltop in Tampere, central Finland.


My Ford KA was an excellent "antenna base on wheels" but was "slightly compact" for qso marathons...


Here is the biggest mobile whip so far - a full sized 1/4 vertical for 20 meters. It is 5 meters long and works fine!

Somebody (a non-ham) told me that my tiny car looks like a giant remote controlled car with this antenna ;)

So apartment dwellers, try out mobiling - it is a lot of fun! If you have a car and a rig - you have a mobile station! No antenna permits, no TVI, mountain/sea view no extra cost! For starters you can run power from the battery even with a starting cable... In my opinion - magnetic mounts perform well. Use the front passenger seat as "support" for the equipment. High hills and salt water are very helpful with signals. Yes, also on HF. Remember to take coffee in a thermos and sandwiches. So start looking for your perfect mobile QTH!


Finland is a country with cold winters and warm summers. Below are two weather forecast maps...


I was active as OH0/OH2LZC 26.-29. September 2008 from Åland Islands. I took part in the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) SSB HF-contest during the weekend and had some qsos outside the contest as well.

Equipment was: Yaesu FT-897D + Tokyo HyPower HL-1KGX amplifier 500W + Windom 80m-10m.  Thanks for nice qsos from Aland!


I was on the air from Bangkok, Thailand as HS0AC/OH2LZC during 21-22 March 2009. Thanks for nice qsos!


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